Thursday, April 30, 2009

one goodafternoon

so i took a legit "hour long" nap today- something i havent done in a very very long time. worth every minute of it. oh and it was semi-under the sun too. the weather was too good to be true so i opened the curtains and slept like a baby. i woke up starving and so i dragged myself out to my neighborhood shops to get food. i've been going so often, the people working there all know me.

boulangerie julien- hands down best baguettes
they are almost as long as my arms but i always get them as whole- got the demi (half) the other day and i finished it as i was cooking. seriouly, give me a baguette and i can eat the whole thing. if its dinner time, i have it with cheese, snack time? nutella and honey.
oh my minimarket. what am i going to do without you? its a block from my apartment. i buy my fruits and juices here. my record is probably 4 times a week and they only open tues-sun.

anyway, i am so ready for a long weekend! i hope the sun keeps up its good work for a nice weekend. after that, two more days of classes!! summer is so close, yet sooo far. arghh
im off to eat my apple sauce. laters.

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