Saturday, May 2, 2009

treasure island

view of chatelet from the ile

ile saint-louis
i love this place. its filled with restaurants and only 5 minutes from me. AHAHA.
please remember to stop by if you are ever in paris. its right next to notre-dame and its THE place for gelato. everything is on two main streets- its just like a small town that is in the middle of city. the food is especially great. i had the BEST confit de canard here.
there is also an amazing creperie that not much people know about. i went this afternoon to get a late snack/early dinner. i ordered a galette (buckweat crepe, basically all salty crepes are made with this) it had potatoes, bacon bits, creme fraiche, and gruyere cheese. so good. for a while i was the only person sitting in there and all these people would walk by and look at the menu then walk away. i was this close to telling them to get in and order. for dessert (part I), i got crepe miel&jus de citron. again, so good. lemon+honey=pure genius. trust me, im going to make it all the time this summer.
basically i just spent my time there stuffing my face while trying to do my homework. suceeded the first part and failed the latter. my epic fail only continued, as there is only one way to get back- going pass my fav gelato place amorino, i stopped and got a gelato (dessert part II). people always rave about berthillon- another gelato place on the island but i think its overrated and the line is too long, plus they don't serve the cones like a giant flower. yeah, im that picky. i stick to my amorino. first, choose a size, then, pick however many flavors you want. today, i got a medium cone with yogurt, berries, and lemon. finally, i walked home like a kid with a popsicle.
on the bridge between my apartment& the ile
so much for a good ol' long weekend. i have one last paper to write but i can't concentrate...oh why oh why. im so done with school, it needs to be over asap.


  1. School totally needs to finish itself! :O The gelato sounds amazing though! There's a gelato place around here, and while it's probably nothing compared to the ones in Paris, you talking about it makes me want to go get a fix. :D I miss you!

  2. No kidding, I would like to have a LARGE.

  3. Aunt Jennifer likes your photos.

  4. Dear Charlotte, this is your mom's schoolmate Uncle Victor. Thank you for bringing so much update from Paris. I always missed my trip there, which I spent two weeks traveling around the entire France. I could never forget the city, the countryside, the mountain villages and the revieras. Please enjoy your stay there to the max on behalf of us who are not fortunate enough to do so.