Friday, May 15, 2009

un bon jour

oh paris, why must you bring out the rain, thunderstorm and all the goodies just when im about to leave? the bipolar french weather was on full force today. but no rain was going to ruin my last friday. i trekked in the rain to get to "le caveau du palais." its such a lovely restaurant overlooking the place dauphine on the ile de la city. this side of the island is so much calmer than the square in front of notre-dame. anyway, of course i got confit de canard since im not going to get these authentic ducks for a while. i just might need to take back the statement that the best confit i had was on il saint-louis becuase i got an even better plate here. delicious beyond words.
pont neuf
place dauphine

afterwards, remy and i went to "le fumoir" to get her some lunch and me some coffee. such a nice surprise, im in love with the place. its very unpretenciously chic- a good change after seeing so many places that scream "stuck-up french" in the city. it looks out to the east colinade of louvre- a mostly classical facade with italian baroque influences (leftovers from architecture final). anyway, i will be going there again befor i leave since i feel a final trip to the louvre is needed. and you know, this cafe is right across the street.
(remy's "perfect shot")

we finished the day with a stop at louboutins on jean-jacques rousseau (what a perfect way huh?). the window display is beautiful. but of course, the shoes inside are better. just wait, i will get my hands on a pair of those blue ones, soon soon.
oh deer.. so well heeled

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