Thursday, May 7, 2009


sorry i've been mia. so im officially done with all my classes!!!! the rest of this week is reading days then finals. argh. good thing is, i get to work through my "to go before i leave list" since i have a lot of free time now.
so today, i woke up and decided i would go to the eugene delacroix museum that i've wanted to go for a while. its right behind the saint-germain-des-pres church, hidden in a really cute square filled with interior decoration shops and galleries. the museum is much smaller than i expected- only 3 rooms of an apartment delacroix used to live in, while decorating the saint-sulpice church. it only houses a little bit of his work but there are these lithography (on shakspeare plays) stones that are just so cool to look at with the incredible details. after the museum, i just walked around and enjoyed the unbelievably warm weather.

saint-germain-des-pres will prob always be my fav neighborhood in paris. this place is usually flooded with tourists..which can be annoying, but this area is just so lovely to wander around that i still go there all the time regardless of the crowd. there are plenty of galleries and furniture stores and of course, an abundance of clothing shops and restaurants/cafes.
mabillon on the exterior of the churchles deux magots
they put small metal plates up to mark the seats the famous people used to sit
apparently today i sat right next to J.P. Sartre
musee national eugene delacroixplace de frustenberg


  1. the museum looks cute and tiny
    so does your blog.
    i like :)

  2. nice pictures! good luck with your finals. I wonder... have you ever read the novel 'the Da Vinci Code'? Although it was fictional, it used a lot of Paris' locations as its backdrop. I wonder what it would feel like to read a suspense novel on location... it could make the story even more real and thus the reading more exciting. Maybe something you might do before you leave Paris? Uncle Victor

  3. I wandered around that place and couldn't find the entrance of museum.
    Especially, I love those deco stores.