Tuesday, May 12, 2009

oh la la...fauchon

ONE WEEK TO GO!! mkay, just putting it out there. now down to business.

my morning: 6 HOURS of grueling finals. booooo...why must finals be so early AND so long? i had to be at school by 8.30 which means leaving the apt at 8. so that one goes from 8.30 to 11 then the next one starts at 12 to 2.30 stoopid school. i was pretty much brain dead by 3. my architecture exam just took the life out of me. one the bright side, done with 2/4. two mo on thurs.

of course i had to go get me some food. fauchon it is.
had lunch at the cafe then got my fav almond cookies (the apple thins are delicious too but i got those last time) and butter cookies for my dear sister (co, now you have to leave me comment)
the shop is pretty close to my definition of heaven- its so big it takes up two corners by the madeleine.
ohh beaauuuutiful eclairswells. wouldnt be a post without me playing with food.


  1. they look so good!
    when you're stuffing your face with pastries in paris i'm stuck in the middle of nowhere with dining hall food :(

  2. I have to type longer than my comment to pass through the authorization code.

  3. im so hungry.. i swear your blog shouldn't be viewed when a midnight snack is calling for attention! xxx