Thursday, April 30, 2009

one goodafternoon

so i took a legit "hour long" nap today- something i havent done in a very very long time. worth every minute of it. oh and it was semi-under the sun too. the weather was too good to be true so i opened the curtains and slept like a baby. i woke up starving and so i dragged myself out to my neighborhood shops to get food. i've been going so often, the people working there all know me.

boulangerie julien- hands down best baguettes
they are almost as long as my arms but i always get them as whole- got the demi (half) the other day and i finished it as i was cooking. seriouly, give me a baguette and i can eat the whole thing. if its dinner time, i have it with cheese, snack time? nutella and honey.
oh my minimarket. what am i going to do without you? its a block from my apartment. i buy my fruits and juices here. my record is probably 4 times a week and they only open tues-sun.

anyway, i am so ready for a long weekend! i hope the sun keeps up its good work for a nice weekend. after that, two more days of classes!! summer is so close, yet sooo far. arghh
im off to eat my apple sauce. laters.

Monday, April 27, 2009


sorry about the lack of posts these few days. this is my attempt to buy myself some time- putting up a drawing i did for my materials&techniques class. its a pencil and ink drawing of an enlarged sonia rykiel postcard. i promise more interesting updates are coming!
anyway, my weekend was spend working on 4 (FOUR!!!) papers that are due this week. but as of today, i only have 2 left. i already turned in a 10 page-paper this afternoon for film class. my art one is very close to done, just need to finish the model of a picasso sculpture. HOORAY!!
next? architecture. 1/5 done at this moment. haha but im working on it.
can't believe there is only one week of classes left.
and friday is labor day=LONG WEEKEND!
i will get my lazy self out there and hopefully cross some items on my "to go before may 18th list" out. till then, much love ;)

Friday, April 24, 2009

st. augustin

built by napoleon III& haussmann
just north of madeleine
polychromatic church with cast irons as supports
painted with enameled lava
cast iron lantern, such an odd color

Thursday, April 23, 2009

phantom ov ze opera

opera garnier. (no, sorry, nothing to do with the green-bottled shampoos.) this place is stunning. im still seeing spots from all the gold there this morning.
i must said that ticket is probably the best 4 euros spent. its now on "char's list of places to go when you have 24+hrs in paris." if you only have 24hrs, don't fret, please contact me and i'll give you the "1 day pass" ;)

lower floor/basementfront entrance- where intense people-watching used to take placehall way parallel to reception room
ready or not? here it comes: persnoally, i think this reception area puts the mirror room at versailles to shame.
hello there
need some fresh air? this is the place
ohh..didn't know they liked bats way back then
i want my future living room to have that blue and gold, no chandelier necessary
so my fav ceiling was that last one until i saw this. now im torn between this and that
this ceiling inside the theatre was redone by chagall in 1964
many found it to clash with the rest of the neo-baroque style of the building but i LOVE it i want this in my future house too
GLUCK- german composer. funny namelooking from rue de la paix

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

l'atelier de shimony

Jonathan Shimony is the professor of my art class- "materials and techniques of the masters"
His studio is in the suburb right outside, south, of the city. the location is considered very "FAR" if you ask any true parisians, afterall, its in zone 2 (AHHHH!!!). but in reality? its really only 10mins rer ride from st-michel notre-dame, which is bascially the heart of paris (and where i live, HA).
anyway, he's invited us to have classes in his studio instead of our regular "classroom", which is a room in the back of a church thats leased to aup. we are contracted to keep it pristine and clean so that makes it hard for us to really go crazy with the paint.
today was our last class at the studio and i went prepared. i brought my camera and asked to photograph the place. he agreed and said if i manage to sell any of his works, i can even get commission. so there, peeps- show some love.

student: is your wife french?
shimony: no, worse
(questioning stares from everyone)
shimony: she's parisian